Why Do Gaming Laptops Have a Bad Battery Life?

Why gaming laptop have bad battery life? We have all loved games since our childhood such as GTA, SEGA, playstation1, but the entire era is changed now, and we have much better options now for game lovers with enhanced featured graphics and 3D gameplay on these games.

There are too many options that someone can benefit from it, even smartphones have the high processing power and GPU to proceed with any kind of game, but the majority of gamers prefer consoles and PC gaming experience anytime over than a mobile phone.

The PC game is considered the cream of the crop as you have the liberty to customize the preference like FPS, Resolution, and play any kind of game that you tend for.

Why gaming laptops have worse battery life?

You might experience that when you are using a gaming laptop the battery life was much less than the normal one. This is remarkable that you will get a 50% percent decreased battery life than the casual and sometimes even more than that.

But don’t worry about that, this is normal, and the reason is: usually, gaming laptops have worse battery life hence having high-performance parts such as CPU, GPU, and high-speed fans that are quite power-hungry.

This is the reason that they drain the battery life much faster than the normal one. As well as gaming laptops have more processing power than normal ones. these laptops consume all their processing power when you are using them for gaming, so there is no caps or battery optimization setting in place.

This will cause you to consume more percentage on your battery.

Do gaming laptops have good battery life when not gaming?

Whenever you are using gaming laptops for normal tasks such as exploring the internet, browsing the web, and word processing, several gaming laptops can last up to 6 hours on a single charge.

But when it comes to GPU or CPU intensive games and programs then it will cause you to lose battery life pretty faster than normal.

Normal laptops battery life vs Gaming laptop’s battery life

(Why gaming laptop have bad battery life?)

Gaming laptops and normal laptops look similar in appearance, but there are many differences internally and they are not the same they look. Gaming laptops are built for high performance as for the requirement of gamers, hence the requirement of gamers are pretty various from the normal laptop users. You can think of gaming laptops as portable gaming rigs.

Hardware in gaming laptops is more power-intensive than that found in normal laptops. As well as gaming laptops have additional features that are rare in normal laptops which contribute to bad battery life and better GPU, a better GPU means that you are going to consume more power for it to work.

How to reduce gaming laptops’ battery consumption?

To reduce the battery life consumption, you can limit your FPS and lower the resolution, but this would kill the fun and vibes of running a Gaming PC. therefore you may have to compromise the battery life on your PC (Personal Computer) in case if you are using it for gaming on a high resolution with maximum FPS.

Battery Capacity 

Usually, gaming laptops manufactures with high battery capacity than you get on your normal laptops. However, this is not enough for you in case you are a high-end gamer and playing several latest titles. In case you intend to have longer battery life on your gaming laptop, you can always upgrade your laptop’s battery with one having better battery capacity. Then you can enjoy your gaming except for any interruption or worries.

Enhanced Display

Gaming laptops feature an enhanced display that is not being offered in normal laptops. This could be not an exaggeration to express that your display causes you to lose most of the electrical power on your laptop.

With having gaming you will experience better size with enhanced resolution, more FPS, and better refresh rate. All these together will cause you to consume much battery life and will end up draining your battery faster than you consume.

There are also settings that allow you to control and limit them all, to control battery timing but this would not give you the optimal gaming experience as the casual.

Why Do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life?

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