What Is The Most Common Pointing Device On Laptops?

What is most of the common pointing device on laptops? A Pointing device on the laptop is something that assists you to control the movement of the cursor or mouse.

It is an input device that is giving you output on the laptop screen.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system, as well as GUI (Graphical user interface), give permission to the pointing device to act as the user choice.

The CAD system is combined of software and hardware which enable to design of all things. CAD helps the product to get improve easier. Though this system is much perfect for engineers, as this can design everything from a piece of cake to sky.

The examples of best pointing are mentioned below:

  • Joystick
  • Touchpad
  • Mouse
  • Touchscreen
  • TrackPoint

What is the most common pointing device on laptops?

A big question for various people is, what is the common pointing device on laptops? Here, we respond to this question, the most common pointing device on the laptop is MOUSE. Along with this, there are various others, which we have mentioned above, but this depends on the choice of the user, what they tend to use.

Several people use touchpads, some are using Trackpads and others are using mouse.

Here, we have collected some of the data about the pointing device, as I mentioned before, this depends on the favors of each person, so let us start with the main topic of (what is the common pointing device on laptop).


A computer mouse is one of the small input devices, which is used for the cursor of the screen on the computer.

The mouse is the most common input pointing device of the computer, which can get movement to the cursor on the screen, through your hands.

A mouse is made up of two buttons, called right-click, and left along with one wheel in the middle of the buttons. Before, it was coming with a rolling ball, but the new mice are replaced with a laser indicating light.

When you put the cursor on an item, with a right-click on the mouse, the item would open, and with a left-click, it would show the options and the drop-down menu will open.

There are two kinds of computer mice available in the market, wire, and wireless. Wire mouse is an old version of the mice, while the wireless come recently.

To get active use of the mouse, you need to place a mousepad.

Type of mouse:

In the era, of technology, there are various types of mice available in the market. To be clear, we have provided a few of them in the below list.

Let’s begin the journey further.

Wireless Mouse

As the name suggests, a wireless mouse connects to a laptop without requiring a wire, unlike other types of computer mice. Wireless mice are one of the best types of laptop devices being used today. Using infrared or radio waves, this type of mouse transmits information to a computer. There is a small receiver that connects to the computer’s USB port, and this receiver should also be attached to the laptop.

Finger mouse:

This type of mouse is a little bit different. It doesn’t take too much space, as it’s too small in size. The buttons on this mouse operate with the thumb and work while strapped to the index. This is a type of mouse that work accurately and this type of mouse can be used in any place.

Finger mouse work by connecting to Bluetooth, and is able to work from a distance of 3 feet away.

Mechanical Mouse

It was used to attach to desktop computers, but it could also be connected to laptops via a USB cable. This old-style computer mouse has a small ball, which is replaced nowadays by a laser.

A mouse pad will help you move the mouse efficiently and smoothly. It will also help to keep your house clean from dirt and dust. Mechanical mice will work better on a mouse pad than on a hard surface.

Camera Mouse:

The camera mouse is one of the most interesting pointing devices. This is a complete application that allows you to control the cursor with, just a movement of the head. I personally like it, as well as this is the best mouse for those, who are faced with disabilities and many others.

In order to use this type of mouse, you need to move your hands, to get the movement to the pointer.

Using this mouse is much possible during traveling or anywhere else, hence, it’s a handy facility.

Ergonomic Mouse

The ergonomic design of an item minimizes the possibility of the user suffering back pains, muscle strains, along with other bone and joint disorders, or MSDs, usually manifesting first in the hands, arms, elbows, arms, shoulders, and spinal bones.

This mouse is available in different shapes and might not be exactly like the slightly round traditional mouse button. With an ergonomically designed mouse, the strain on the fingers and palm is reduced, laptop recycling is prevented, and the hands’ muscles are not strained.

A good ergonomic mouse likely has features that accommodate the hands correctly, such as increased pronounced grooves.

Foot Mouse

As it is called foot mouse, this is clearly known, this type of mouse would work with feet. These kinds of mice include two parts of the body in their selves, the function of part one is selecting the item over clicking and the function of another one, is the movement of the cursor.

Actually, foot mice are manufactured for those, who are facing serious hands movement or have disabilities. Along with this, this type of mouse can help you in communication to disable people.

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One another type of mouse is the EYEAGLE mouse, which functions with the movement of the eyes. These kinds of mice are manufactured for people, who are facing severe disabilities or they not able to move.

This device helps in the communication as well, to disable people. This type of mouse has Electro-Oculographic potential used to measure the position of the eye relative to the head.

Mouse connectivity ports

The computer mice are developing day today. The computer mice could not only connect through wire now. But the depends on your laptop and there are many methods available through you can connect your laptop to your mouse.

Computer mouse not only used for computer, but for laptops rather smartphone, and tablet.

Right below, we have mentioned some of the mouse ports through which you can connect, the computer mouse to the laptop.

  • The USB ports
  • USB Mouse
  • Bluetooth
  • PS/2 port
  • ISA Mouse adapter
  • The serial port

Are there requirements for Software and Driver to use mice?

There are no requirements to install any software and driver for the standard mouse. In case, if your computer has a standard mouse.

If you are ever faced with the single trouble of using a mouse, check the mouse help page to find out the solution and troubleshoot it.

Without any single doubt, a computer mouse is the most common pointing device on the computer that people use, but besides that, there are many other pointing devices that existed, which we have mentioned/listed below.


As the technology is getting developed day today, the touchscreen is the new feature of the advanced technology. As you can find this feature with each single new invented device. With such a pointing device, you need to touch the screen to utilize it. You can use it with your fingers and with a specific pen.


This pointing device is installed with the keyboard on the laptop, which has a tactile sensor. To utilize it, you can touch your fingers on the touchpad.

As well, by touching your fingers, on the touchpad, you can get the movement to the cursor on the screen to each corner of the laptop or computer.


This is something similar to the small ball, through which you can move the cursor wherever you want. You can rotate it with fingers, in order to move the cursor. This device only works for the pointing of, upside and downside.


This is a small pointing device similar to the little ball, installed in the middle of the keyboard. This can help to move the cursor in the computer. TrackPoint is similar to an isometric joystick, rather this is not installed in all the keyboards.


According to the structure, this pointing device is called a joystick. This is a cursor control device, which is used for games and other assistive technologies. It rotates on one end and sends messages to the laptop.


This is a pen that is designed like a stick touchscreen pad. The cursor moves whenever you are using the pen on the pad. To be mentioned, this is an advanced technology as well.

Light Pen

To use this kind of device, you need to pair it, into your laptop. When it’s paired to the computer and laptop, this would pass the information.


In order to change the settings on your laptop, the keyboard also is pointing as well. As the keyboard can work as a mouse too. Therefore, the keyboard is also treated as a pointing device on the computer.


The most pointing device on the computer is called a mouse, and that’s very feasible for use. Along with the mouse, there are many other pointing devices available, which are mentioned before. These devices are used to avoid the difficulty of the user.

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