How To Remove Bloatware From New Laptop

How To Remove Bloatware From New Laptop? Bloatware is a term for the software that comes on your new laptop and weighs it down with extra apps you don’t need, taking up storage space and slowing the computer. 

The truth is, most people will never use this software. There’s certainly no need to clutter up your laptop with programs you’ll never use again. However, if you’re like me, make it a point to use every tool in your kit.

Then prepare to be disappointed with how many programs came pre-installed with your new laptop. This article will teach you how to remove bloatware from a new laptop and make it work for you instead.

How do I remove bloatware from my laptop?

How To Remove Bloatware From New Laptop

To remove the bloatware running in the background of your computer, head into the Control Panel and select “Uninstall or change a program.” You’ll see a massive list of different unfamiliar programs installed on your computer on the left side of the window.

If you’re unfamiliar with this part of Windows, know that if a program is pre-installed and you don’t need it, Microsoft wants to uninstall it and replace it with something better. This is the fruit of greed. Any new programs that come with your computer include some pre-installed software that you can’t uncheck.

Steps You Need To Follow Up:

  • To get rid of these programs and get back to default settings on your computer, select “Change or remove features.”
  •  On the next window screen, select “I want to remove this program completely.” 
  • That will take you to the list of bloatware that came with your computer that you don’t want. There are no exceptions–if it’s pre-installed, it’s got to go!
  • To get rid of any specific program, find it in the list and select “Uninstall/Change” next. You can also uninstall everything listed by selecting “Uninstall all programs.”
  • The only exception is if a specific program is tied to a valuable tool on your laptop, like a mobile broadband connection or a webcam. Don’t worry about losing anything by taking these programs off your computer–you can always reinstall them yourself later.
  • Hit the “Uninstall/Change” button to remove bloatware from your laptop permanently. 

Type Of Bloatware:

If you are concerned about pre-installed software or want more control over what gets installed on your PC, you need to know the different types of pre-installed software. Of course, there are many kinds of pre-installed software on your computer that you might never use. Unfortunately, some programs go beyond being trials – these are genuinely unwanted programs that you should avoid at all costs. 

Trialware bloatware:

Pre-loaded trialware is one of the most common types of unwanted software found on computers today. This software comes pre-installed with new computers and is occasionally installed without your knowledge during the setup process. Think of any program that claims to speed up your computer or otherwise “optimize” it. 

These types of programs typically fall under the category of potentially unwanted software (PUPS) – applications that you don’t want on your computer system. Of course, they slow down your system, use too many system resources, or even expose your data to outsiders. 

At times, these programs can be complicated to remove. Even more disturbing is that some computer manufacturers even create their versions of PUPs for use on computers they sell. Dell, Dell’s subsidiary Alienware, and Toshiba are just some of the many companies that include time-limited software trials with computers they sell you. The problem with this practice is that some software manufacturers pay computer manufacturers to have their trialware with the computers they sell.

Ads Popup Softwares:

The most dangerous type of pre-installed software is adware or sometimes referred to as spyware. Adware includes any software that displays advertisements on your computer. Many people mistakenly believe that it’s okay for this type of software to say ads on their computers because it shows them in a non-intrusive manner.  

These types of programs are designed to change your web browser’s settings so that advertisements are displayed on every page you visit. 

You have probably seen this with your own eyes. Often, these programs will display ads in the background of websites you browse, causing them to load very slowly.

Helpful Software To Remove Bloatware From New Laptop:

The good news is, it’s not hard to remove these pesky pre-installed apps and get your new laptop back to what it should be: a lean, mean machine. We’ve compiled some of the best software to remove bloatware on your new laptop. 

Should I Remove It:

Should I remove it? Bloatware remover software is one of the many useful and helpful software you can use on your new laptop. It has the ability and can help remove bloatware or unwanted apps from your computer automatically and quickly.

Also, you will have the chance to restore Windows 10 factory settings if any incident or error damages it during the installation process. How does removal work? You can run the program only if the software is already on your computer. 

It also comes with convenient features like automatically deleting any files found, restoring Windows 10 factory settings, and checking for viruses in the newly installed system. What makes this application so beneficial is its ability to clean up your new system thoroughly without initiating any disruption or obstacle to the normal functioning of the data. 

  • Decrap Bloatware removes software.

I have had the good fortune to enjoy a speedy PC for many years. It did not take long for me to notice that programs did not work due to malware. I frequently ran across websites offering “PC tune-up” services. They would remove “bloatware” and other unwanted programs from my machine. Temporarily disabling some features to do their work without any chance of screwing up something else on my system would be enough for me.

I decided to develop a program that would provide the same sort of “disabling” but without all the risk of screwing up my system. This effort led to the Scrap. It allowed for the removal of unwanted programs via property sheets. It is easy to use; open it up. It will show the list of numerous bloatware software, which you can easily uninstall by selecting them from the list. It is quite a good option for bloatware removal as compared to websites providing PC tuning.

  • Slim Computer Bloatware Remover Software:

Beware of bloatware, the unwanted computer software that comes pre-installed on new computers. It’s a sneaky way manufacturers have found to collect money from customers via hidden subscription charges. These unsolicited programs often come as promised free trial periods. Still, the unfortunate reality is that there are many ways for these unethical corporations to get you to pay for extra services you don’t want or need.

  • Slim Computer Bloatware Remover Software:

Every computer has thousands of potentially unwanted programs installed, ranging from silly games to unnecessary browser toolbars. And adware is hard to remove even with the most advanced malware removal tools. Slim computer bloatware remover software is the best option available in the market to help you get rid of bloatware. 


  • It is entirely free to use. 
  • It helps you track pre-loaded promotional programmes
  • Remote computers fetch bloatware from every part of the operating system. Including toolbars, pre-installed programs, and trail ware of your computer.
  • It is a simple process of uninstalling bloatware by providing a clear path which we need and which is not necessary.
  • It can also restore data if you remove it unconventionally.

The PC Decrapifier:

The PC Decrapifier is a computer optimization suite that removes unwanted programs. Cleans up your system registry, manages startup entries, and more. I’m not going to lie to you – it takes time and patience to work on the program. But this is something you will want to do because it will make your computer faster and more secure.

It’s unfortunate how many of us have malicious software on our computers that we don’t want or need. Removing those programs takes a lot of time, and it can be frustrating to fight with a program. That doesn’t want to leave. The PC Decrapifier is a software solution that can remove those programs, malware, and undesirable data.

A free download that offers many features, The PC Decrapifier is downloadable from the official site. This program is used to remove trialware that comes pre-installed on computers. Unwanted programs installation is by the end-user, and any other programs that you feel are undesirable.


Every pre-installed software does not count as bloatware, and many software proves to be helpful in our system. But in an instant, most pre-installed software is malware and does hit the laptop speed badly. So it’s better to delete or remove bloatware from your new laptop. No matter if you use software or manually cut down settings, it’s all up to you.

Getting rid of any software that can be risky in the future is a thoughtful act. So, whether you use it or not, it is better to remove it before getting yourself in trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I remove bloatware from my new laptop?

First, you need to back up your data. Then, go to your Start menu and type “Control Panel.”

2. What’s the difference between bloatware and spyware?

Spyware is software that’s installed on your computer without your permission. Bloatware is software that comes with your computer, but you probably didn’t want it.

3. How can I remove bloatware?

There are two ways to remove bloatware. The first way is to uninstall the software by going to the Control Panel.

4. How do I know if I have bloatware?

Look at your computer. If there is a program that you don’t recognize or that you don’t want on your computer, then it’s bloatware.

5. What can I do if I don’t want bloatware?

If you don’t want bloatware on your computer, you can turn it off. To turn off bloatware, go to the Control Panel and click “Programs and Features.” Then, scroll down to “Turn Windows features on or off.”

6. What should I do if I can’t find my control panel?

If you can’t find your Control Panel, go to the Start menu and type “Control Panel.”

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