How To Clean Laptop Fan?

All the computer devices have a cooling system, for their internal processor, whether it’s a desktop or laptop.

How to clean laptop fan? You may practice, and examined that your laptop is serving you all day, except for a single error.

Millions of calculations could be handled by a computer or laptop’s processor, all of that require an electric charge for their work.

Most laptops involved a cooling system for their components, to keep their parts cool and avoid heat.

Usually, the majority of laptops are designated with one or two fans, that are used to cool the main processor and graphics chips. Some laptops featured with heat pipe system, to avoid heat from their components.

You may know that the cooling fans which are used in laptops mean as the backbone of the laptop. 

Here we go with, how to clean a laptop fan?

In order to experience the better performance of our laptop, you must always keep your laptop’s fan clean. Therefore, you must know all the tips, on how to clean a laptop fan.

How to clean laptop fan except for compressed air

Let me describe to you the less expensive and easier way, how to clean a laptop fan. in fact, the way which have no extra cost. And this would not need an air compressor. Stay tuned to know:G

1 step: take off the bottom panel

At first, you need to reopen the bottom cover of the laptop, in order to open, the inside of the laptop to clean the laptop fan. The majority of the laptops come with screws that require being unscrewed. These screws are always featured in, normal size and the screwdriver is available for them in the market, which can fulfill the job accurately without any hesitation.

Once you have completed the opening process of the screws, the laptop fan would be in front of your eyes.

2 Step: place the fan secure

In this step, you need the will to hold the fan accurately with your hands and place it, in a secure place. When you approach the next step of the guide, ensure that the blades are not rotating.

3rd Step: cloths for the first cleanness

Laptop fans often get dust, which is not able to be cleaned with air. Therefore, you will need a piece of soft cloth, in order, to clean up the dust and dirt on the surface of the laptop fan.

The cloth can be, dusty and dirty, with the course of time, therefore you need to renew it, and clean up to use it, again and again.

Step 4: the tents need to have cared

the laptop fans are featured with, vents around the blades. Here you need to clean up the dirt out of the tent area. Though, you can complete this process with the same cloth, as well. You need to clean other parts as well as, along with, cleaning off the dust.

how to clean laptop fan

Step 5:  blow off the fan

Here we go with the final process of these tips. In this step, you have to wind up all the specks of dust, with wiping which are not removed yet. This process can be completed by blowing air of your mouth, to remove the dust out of the fan that is still existed inside.

As the puff of your mouth is not much enough to complete the process with a single puff, therefore, you need to puff up several times, in order to clean up the entire fan.

6 Step: put back the bottom cover

Once you have completed the whole process. Then, you need to close the bottom cover of the laptop back to the laptop. Once you put the bottom cover back on the laptop, remember to thrill the screws back into their place.

This was the complete process for, how to clean laptop fans without any cost. After this have provided the next step to clean up the laptop fan which will cost you.

How to clean laptop fan with compressor air

When you are not able and not confident in opening the screws process, then this guide is provided to you. in order to enable you to meet your requirements. You need to have a can of compressed air which is full of air compressors. An electronic air puffing will be much excellent option if you don’t have any.

Before spending your timing, let’s begin the process:

1 Step: ensure that the fan ready for cleanness

Make sure, that there are no electric signals, and the laptop is powered off if possible remove the battery of the laptop. Though this can damage you.

2nd Step: how to clean laptop fan with compressed air:

Along with a can of compressed air on your hands, you need to have a pipe that concaves the way of the release. Keep the pipe right to the fans vent close to the fan blades.

Now, it’s time, to puff up the dust out of the laptop fan with compressed air. You need to take care of the blowing air pressure level, hence, this can damage the fan blades as well.

how to clean laptop fan

Doing such a process can rescue you from the difficulties, for instance, make sure, that there is no obstacle that prevents the fan blades from using.

3rd Step: take the dust off

Once you have completed the cleanness of the fan, you need to clean it again, as there should be remaining dust, inside the fan that is still not removed. So, you need to clean the dust again, before you intend to put the fan back, into the laptop.

Here you utilize a soft cloth as well, in order to clean the dust out of the fan.

Pros and cons of compressed air

The compressed air inside of the can is dust-free, which paves the way to clean the cooling fan or other internal and external parts of the laptop. Such cans can be found in many computer stores and anywhere else, and these are often inexpensive.

Otherwise, compressed air cans are not often environmentally friendly. As these cans could not be recycled easily, hence, they are made of plastic and metal. As well as, this kind of air would not be available always, whenever there is a requirement for it. As for the lack of access, you would neither able nor have an option for (how to clean laptop fan) with compressed air always.

How Do I Clean My Laptop Fan Without Taking It Apart?

Without a doubt, laptop fans are one of the most important components of your laptop. Laptop fans are responsible for keeping your laptop cool and preventing overheating.

Unfortunately, there are many different types of laptop fans, and cleaning them can be a difficult task. Fortunately, you can easily clean your laptop fans without taking them apart.

By comparison, taking your laptop apart to clean the fan is much more difficult and time-consuming. If you do not want to take your laptop apart, you should follow these steps.

Step 1: Take a Look at Your Laptop Fan

Before you begin cleaning your laptop fan, you need to know how it works. For example, some laptop fans are more difficult to clean than others. You can use a simple tool to check out your laptop fan. You can use a flashlight to look at your laptop fan.

Furthermore, you can use a screwdriver to look at your laptop fan.

If you cannot see your laptop fan, you should take your laptop apart. Otherwise, you will not be able to see what you need to clean.

Step 2: Unscrew the Fan

If you do not want to take your laptop apart, you can still clean your laptop fan. You can easily unscrew the fan without taking it apart. For example, you can unscrew the fan using a screwdriver.

Step 3: Clean Your Laptop Fan

Once you have unscrewed your laptop fan, you can use a simple cleaning tool to clean your laptop fan. You can use a simple cleaning brush to clean your laptop fan.

Step 4: Reassemble Your Laptop Fan

Once you have cleaned your laptop fan, you can easily reassemble your laptop fan. For example, you can reassemble your laptop fan using a screwdriver.

Laptop cooling pads

Here we provide a cheaper and better option for you, in order to keep your laptop cool. Buying a cooling pad would cost you a little bit, but this is necessary for you, to keep your laptop cool which can give you a better experience of the work. There are many cooling pads available in the market, which various prices for each one, for instance, a brand cooling pad will cost you much expense, and a non-brand will cost you less.

Putting your laptop on the top of the pads is not necessary, but this can help the cooling fans inside of the laptop to cool the component comfortably and avoid heat quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I clean my laptop fan?

You can use a can of compressed air to blow out dust and other debris.

2. How do I clean the fan on my laptop?

The best way to clean the fan on your laptop is to open up the laptop, take the fan out, and then use a paper towel to wipe it down.

3. What if the fan is damaged?

If your fan is damaged, you can take it to the store and they will fix it for you.

4. How can I clean the fan blades?

Clean the fan blades by using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

5. Is there anything I can do to prevent my laptop from getting too hot?

You can keep your laptop cool by opening up the vents and putting your laptop in a cooler place. 

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