How to check mouse DPI on Windows 7, 8, or 10?

Do you need to know how to check mouse DPI? Here we will show several tips to make you understand, how to check mouse DPI.

The DPI of the mouse (Dots Per Inch) determines the sensitivity of the mouse and how fast your mouse will be when you are scrolling, so a mouse with a high DPI will move faster on a screen than a lower mouse DPI on a similar distance.

High DPI mouse is good for gamers and they are using high DPI mouse sensitivity as it works well for them.

Various methods are available there that show how to check mouse DPI. in all honesty I assure you that one of these methods will work for you.

Tip No 1) check box or product description (how to check mouse DPI)

This method is good to check before using other methods but doesn’t work constantly. The most obvious thing you can do for DPI to see if it is written there is to check your product (Mouse) box. As well as you can search for the production description page on the sales website. From my point of view, in order, if I check this mouse, the mouse DPI is fairly clear on the products page.

This method has been worked for me, and I don’t personally like it.

Famous brand such as Corsair and Logitech is most likely to include it (Corsair and Logitech DPI are much easier to find with this method).

Tip No 2) Utilize an Online DPI Analyzer: for (how to check mouse DPI)

There are numerous online websites available on the internet helping you how to check mouse DPI (Dots Per inch) really fast.

Here I will recommend you the best online tool that I personally use for mouse DPI is Mouse Sensitivity Tool

Tip No 3): Utilize Microsoft Paint Software

Using this method you can easily understand how to check mouse DPI.

In case you have already been read all the stuff online and are still shocked about how to check mouse DPI and use this method. Don’t worry, here we will guide you all about it.

Here you are read it how it goes:

First of all, you want to get a ruler and mark two points separated by a distance of 1 inch.

All you can do that in your mouse pad, notebook, book, or any surface you are willing to place your mouse. 

Next, you have to disable pointer precision on your Personal Computer (PC).

For doing that, kindly follow the below tasks mentioned in the images:

type and search for mouse on your PC

Click on Mouse Setting

Then click on the  Additional mouse option:

Switch on the tab Pointer option

Untick the pointer precision box to disable it.

Then click on Apply and press OK

Open Paint Software on your PC, once you have been disabled pointer precision.

Check the Zoom Option at the right bottom corner which needs to be 100%.

  1. You need to click on the Pencil Tool on MS Paint.
  2. Get a movement into your mouse so that the mouse icon set at the leftmost side of your working area where it reads 0 pixels such as which have been seen in the bottom left corner of MS Paint.

Whenever you are trying to do this, you might be faced with a number that seems such as (0,200px). Kindly assure yourself that the first one is set with 0 hence that is what you will be utilizing.

Notice the two points I have already told you to mark your mouse pad, table, or paper. Wherever you place and utilize your mouse.

  1. Replace your mouse on the first you have been done already on your mouse pad, notebook, table, or white paper. As well as you can place your mouse directly on your ruler at zero points.

Remember to check out that the Pencil icon is still at the zero pixel point (the leftside of your working area) on MS Paint.

I’m willing to say that “the mouse you are using on mouse pad/table/paper/notebook/ruler should be at the first or zero part while the Pencil Icon should be placed at the leftmost corner just before disappears.

  1. Make a line while pressing the left button of the mouse until reaches the second point. 

Draw a line while using the two marks on your mouse pad/table or paper until you reach 1 inch, as examine with your rule. Not try to use 1 pixel on Ms paint.

Remember: while have been read 679 px, 662x, and 684 px utilizing the first dimension at the left corner of the bottom after replacing my Pencil Icon where the ends at 2.54 cm (determined after moving the mouse)

This has given me a medium of 674 pixels, which have been made the mouse DPI around 674.

Is 72 dpi the same as 300 PPI?

(how to check mouse DPI)

 PPI (pixels per inch) is a short form of pixel per inch, as well as called DPI. Changing resolution, in this case, only document size will be changed by 72 PPI or 300 PPI. Document size is changed when we need some changes in image size going for printing. This is remarkable that image size and document size are two different things.

 what’s the difference between PPI and DPI? Though the terms DPI and PPI both describe the resolution, transparency, and (clarity) of an image, these are not the same thing. DPI, on the other hand, is a printing term referring to the number of physical dots of ink in a printed document.

Having a higher DPI mouse means that you can move more precisely. This means that you will have a better experience if you are a gamer and they are good for gaming, up to a certain point.

How to change DPI? (how to check mouse DPI)

First of all, you have to make sure that your windows mouse sensitivity settings are working accurately. 

Then Go to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options Tab – and apply the listed settings. 

Then, find out what DPI (Dots Per Inch) your mouse is running on and change it to somewhere between 400-500.

How to check mouse DPI

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