How to charge a laptop battery without a laptop?

There are always such difficult times come in our life or we face with, that you find yourself, when the laptop’s battery is drained and can’t be charged in laptop. there you will need to charge it without a laptop.

It is a common question that is asked by many beginners in controlling devices like laptops. The question is how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop. This question is asked by several people who are trying to charge the laptop battery without having or needing a laptop. The answer is simple and easy, however, it may appear difficult at first. The question is can be answered in this article.

Here we have provided guidance (how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop?).

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There are various ways to do this:

using an AC adapter

(How to charge a laptop battery without a laptop)

There are various laptops available in the market that comes with the ability to hook up with an external laptop’s battery charger.

To charge your laptop battery with an external charger, you need to despite the battery away from your laptop, there is no need to plug the charger into your laptop, instead, you must remove the battery out of the laptop, and then plug the battery into an electrical outlet.

Most of the laptop chargers are manufactured with indicating lights that indicate when you put it into charging when it is fully charged the light becomes steady.

Before taking the step to charge the laptop battery except connecting to the laptop, you need to ensure yourself, that the device’s battery can interface with the adapter as well as, the pins are compatible too. Because some of the adapters are not compatible with all batteries and they can damage it.

Laptop batteries are manufactured and designed with different qualities and capacities, they might not be able to charge with an external charger.

This method is only able to work on the batteries that are detachable. Internal laptop batteries can work in various manners, and external chargers are not available for them in the market.

Benefits of external rechargeable battery

This would be the best way for those who would like to ensure that their laptop is always powered on despite having threats of lack of electricity or laptop charger.

This would be always suggested to have one or many extra laptop batteries for the time when there is a requirement.

An externally chargeable laptop battery is much necessary in various ways. For instance, when you are in such a place, when there is no electricity or especially being on the trip, there would be much need for the existence of an extra battery.

Use of external battery charger

Here we provide another way, to charge your laptop battery that is using a third-party device (charger). Note, before using such an adapter, you have to ensure that the capacity of the adapter won’t damage your laptop’s battery, hence, many adapters are manufactured that are not compatible with each laptop’s battery.

Using another laptop to charge your laptop battery

When you tried the above method and failed, this method could be fulfilled. In fact, you need to use a similar laptop to charge your laptop on it, but this is not a good option, as many people can’t afford and many can’t take it everywhere, and not cover it all.

The best option, that I want to suggest here, is charging the laptop battery by plugging an AC adapter into its connector.

using super batteries

When you are using a super battery for your laptop, that will provide you excellent use of the laptop, which lasts up to 7-10 hours. Hence, this kind of battery lasts for the longest, therefore, they could be charged in the lack of an original charger.

When you are traveling and face the difficulty where you don’t have access to charge your laptop, you will be required for the super battery to be installed.

Using of Portable adapter

 In case, to examine the best experience of using your working laptop during traveling or in such a place where there is no access to electricity to put your laptop into charging. As the main trouble for many people when they are traveling in remote areas, is the lack of electricity, so here is the best option to take advantage of, having a portable charger. This can resolve such trouble.

Here I want to mention it again that checking the capacity is a must, hence, most of the batteries are not compatible and worthy with all the batteries.


Since technology developed day by day, we are witnessing drastic changes in working styles in various organizations.

The majority of people are carrying their devices wherever they go, to work remotely. But the big challenge that they always face, is charging time and productivity of the laptop. To charge your laptop manually, there are various ways such as AC power, super batteries, external charger, and so on…

All the devices that are available in the market have some life, and after it necessitates to be replaced, to take good care of your laptop, that you can increase their life expectancy.

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