Top 5 Best laptop under 600| Premium Buyers Guide 2022

Best laptop under 600. Whenever we are willing to purchase a new laptop, we wish that it should have the ability to do all of our daily tasks and activity smoothly. The best laptop under 600 dollars featured more capabilities than you ever thought. I have experienced under-budget laptops which will meet your requirements and fulfill all your daily tasks with a guarantee.

All the laptops mentioned below, provide the latest features with having the latest generation Intel processor.

The cost and budget of laptops remarkably have been decreased recently, while checking the price of the laptops in the market. 

While you have 600 dollars in your pocket and you are willing to purchase a new laptop, there will be many laptops available in the market, but choosing the best one that can meet your requirements, is not an easy task, as a matter of fact, it is hard to find the best laptop under 600 dollar, which you are searching for…

But don’t worry about this, as we mentioned already, we have researched, tested, and experienced plenty of laptops to point out the best laptop under 600 that will make you happy and will meet all your requirements.

When people are talking about laptops, the big brands & and companies of laptops that arise in their minds are Dell, Lenovo, Apple, HP, Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and many more that I haven’t mentioned. So with reading this article you will be able to choose the best laptop under 600, as per the limited budget. Don’t waste your time let’s go to show the best laptops.

                                                  Table of Contents
1) Acer Aspire 5
2) Acer Swift 3
3) ASUS VivoBook S14

4) HP Pavilion 15 
5) Lenovo ThinkBook 14S
6) Conclusion

Acer Aspire 5

One of the best under-budget laptops that comes on this list (best laptop under 600 dollars) is Acer Aspire 5 providing the latest 10th Generation I5 processor. This laptop provides 15.6 inches (39.624cm) Full HD screen having 1920x 1080 pixel resolution. As well as featuring IPS (in-plane switching) technology which presents the best viewing experience and images seamlessly. 

The best feature that comes with this laptop is Acer Bluelight Shield which avoids your from infection and protects them. Hence this can help you work longer and with prosperity. To avoid your eyes from an infection you have to turn on and turn off the eyes strain option.

When it comes to the internal part of this laptop, you will definitely know that these laptops are powered by the latest generation 10th Intel Core I5-10210-U processor which is inserted with 8GB RAM hence to meet your requirements and do all your daily tasks.

This laptop has been integrated with Intel UHD Graphics 620, therefore taking care of graphics on this device. As well as 256 GB of SSD storage is inserted into this laptop which is not a piece of good news for the majority of laptop users because this memory of the laptop is not enough for many users of laptops therefore it’s too much less than the casual.

But the best and amazing feature on this laptop is providing a long battery life which is up to 9.5 hours with full charging and the SSD gives faster performance than HDD.

However, this laptop comes with the latest technology (fingerprint) hence, there are no requirements on this laptop to type a password for logging in, with a single touch you can log in to your laptop. As well as this laptop comes with a full-size backlit keyboard that lets you work comfortably everywhere and in each place.

The characteristics which this laptop presents:

Operating system                     windows 10
ProcessorGen 10th Core I5
Battery                                    9.5 hours 
Storage                                                                              256 GB SSD
Display15.6 inches full HD                                           
Graphics CardIntel UHD Graphics 620

Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3 is the next laptop on the list of (best laptop under 600$) that you looking for. In case you are willing to get an under budget good designated laptop along with a power full configuration.

You will find  Acer Swift 3 features in most of our guides which is an advanced and mastery option for you.

This device has been featured with 14 inches full HD screen with a high resolution of 1920-1080 pixels. It’s time now to know about the configuration on this laptop.

The operating system on this laptop is running by windows 10, as well as it’s powered by AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Octa-Core processor with 2.0GHz on the base frequency and Turbo boost technology up to 4.1 GHz.

This laptop is integrated with AMD Radeon Graphics which can handle low to medium graphics games. As well as you can play the latest games on this laptop even you can utilize it for the required tasks such as video editing. the powerful processor paired with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD of storage, which makes it ready for fulfilling regular multitasks. The storage on this device makes it the best laptop under 600 dollars range price.

One thing that caught my eyes on this laptop is having a battery with long life, which provides you with a battery life of up to 11.5 hours with a full charge. 

It has been built with fingerprint reader technology which is quick and secure to verify your identity, where you are not required to type a password, just one click with a finger and open it.

However, other specs include excellent acoustical support courtesy of the real Harmony technology. As well as Acer Swift 3 features a backlit keyboard, HD Webcam, a decent collection of USB ports, and has also featured the latest WiFi 6 for better wireless connectivity and with all the essential parts.

Definitely, the laptop Acer Swift 3 is around the budget of 600 dollars which you can utilize for daily and regular tasks. I believe that and make you sure that this laptop will not make you disappoint ever.

All of these come packed in a beautiful all-metal chassis that weighs less than 3 pounds, which makes it extremely portable to carry it out around and work everywhere.

Let’s go further to show you the specifications & characteristics of this laptop in the below table:

Display14 inches full HD widescreen
Operating systemWindows 10
Storage512GB SSD of Storage
ProcessorAMD Rayzen 7 4700U Oca-Core 2.0 processor
Battery lifeUp to 11.5 hours with a full charge
Weight2.65 lbs
Graphics CardAMD Radeon integrated graphics
best laptop under 600 dollars

ASUS VivoBook S14

(best laptop under 600 dollar)

If you tend to point out a thin and lightweight carriable laptop here is ASUS VivoBook S14 one of the best options for you we provide.

ASUS VivoBook S14 is under budget laptop which costs you around 600$. So if you are a tourist and travel or looking for a lightweight laptop or portability to work everywhere then look no further than the ASUS VivoBook S14, it has been packed in an ultrathin profile that weighs only 3.2 pounds. The bold colors and battery life make it great for taking around on a college campus.


The ASUS VivoBook comes in four colors Resolute red, Indie black, Dreamy white, and Gaia Green. This device includes random stickers with the laptop, which motivate you to plaster all over the laptop in order to look well.

In case if you are the type of person who likes designs and tends their laptop to be with stickers and looks well then you will definitely like the latest feature on this laptop.

ASUS provides only one model of VivoBook S14 currently in the US and UAE markets which are covered 512GB SSD Storage and 8GB DDR4 RAM. however, the necessary point comes whenever you want to upgrade, and point out that the RAM is precisely soldered on the motherboard. This laptop has space for M.2 drives rather than 2.5 inches drives. Note that this is another fact that should be kept in mind.


The display which comes with VivoBook S14 is decently perfect which is the best for regular tasks. ASUS includes its Tru2life technology to help enhance visual, but actually, we have been found many differences throughout our examinations.

The screen is okay overall, for general browsing and exploring the internet but during watching the movies you may struggle to find out certain details, depending on your ambient brightness. For example, in a dark room, it’s comfortable to watch the screen and look at the individual details of characters in Guardians of the Galaxy. But when we were watching the movie in the daytime, the resolution was not the same as detailed, several darker scenes were lost.

Using the laptop near the sunlight is not recommended, as it becomes entirely unreadable.

You will find an HD camera at the top of the display but the quality of the camera is the worst. VivoBook S14 is powered by an Intel Core I7 CPU running at 1.8GHz.

Check the below table for further information:

Operating System Windows 10
ProcessorIntel Core I7
Display14 inches full HD
Storage512GB SSD
Graphics CardIntel UHD Graphics
Battery9-11 hours
Weigh 3.2 pounds
best laptop under 600 $

HP Pavilion 15 

This laptop has been featured with 15.6 inches touch screen, a full HD display, which gives you a high resolution on the display. With operating windows 10 its touchscreen works well.

This laptop HP Pavilion 15 is powered by the newest version of the 11th Generation and Intel Core I7 processor. When it comes to heavy tasks and gaming the processor works amazingly.

It’s remarkable that this laptop comes with very potent Intel Iris Xe Graphics, which is called the most powerful integrated graphics that you can get on the laptop meanwhile. 


It comes with an aluminum lid, silver color, and HP logo in the middle, and inside it has a playful texture that manages to look good. 


Operating SystemWindows 10
Display15.6 inches full HD touchscreen 
ProcessorIntel Core i7 – 1165G7
Storage512GB SSD
Graphics CardIntel UHD Graphics
BatteryUp to 10 hours battery life with a full charge
best laptop under 600 $

Lenovo ThinkBook 14S

Lenovo ThinkBook 14S comes with the most famous series of Lenovo. Lenovo ThinkBook has got mineral metal gray chassis, which is sleek and feature-packed.

This device features 14 inches full HD display with 1920-1080 pixels of high resolution. As well as this laptop is featured with a glaring display that will never make distract from glare with working outside.

ThinkBook 14S has been powered by an 8th Generation Intel Core i5 -8265U processor with a turbo boost up to 3.9GHz.

The storage which is placed in ThinkBook is 256GB SSD which is a standard space these days under budget laptops, as well as designated with 2GB of AMD Radeon 540X Graphics Card.

The configuration on this laptop gives you the power to fulfill all your tasks easily. One of the fantastic feature of this laptop is having the fingerprint ability which makes the login easy for you without typing the password.

The operating system that is running by this laptop is windows 10 which got all the essential ports and slots.

Characteristics & Specifications 

Operating systemWindows 10
Display14 inches full HD
Storage256GB SSD
Processor8th Generation Core i5
Graphics Card2GB AMD Radeon 540X
Battery Up to 5 hours with a full charge
best laptop under 600$


Before you decide to purchase a laptop that you intend to meet your requirement, compare the price and performance of each laptop. Let us know which brand you prepare when the question arises in your mind about laptops and which brand will purchase.

the best laptop under 600 dollar

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Best laptop under 600

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